250ml Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethanol WHO Sanitiser Formula Alcohol Glycerol Liquid Rub

By Kemmie

This hand sanitizer has been made as per the formulation advised by the World Health Organization.

Each 1L contains:

* Ethanol 96% v / v: 833.3 ml

* Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 3%: 41.7 ml

* Glycerol 98%: 14.5 ml

* Distilled Water: 110.5ml

This Package Includes:

250ml Hand Sanitiser in Bottle with Flat Top Lid

Please note the bottle shape and type might change depending on the availability of our packaging bottles. Due to the recent high demand in bottles, some bottles are becoming unavailable in Australia. Regardless, please have no worries, the quality of the product remains the same and will be packed with the same high standards.


* For formulation references, please refer to World Health Organization publications.

* This formula has no added scent or perfume, which means that the smell will be as per the original smells of the composition ingredients.

* The high content of alcohol in this formulation means that this hand sanitiser is highly liquid and will not be the same as a lower alcohol concentration hand sanitiser gel. It will be liquid.

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250ml Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethanol WHO Sanitiser Formula

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